Friday, September 28, 2007

How do I get rid of "limited menus" in Word?

This is a real pain in the neck and I thoroughly recommend this be the first option you change when installing Word 2003 for the first time (no longer applies to Word 2007).

You know what I am referring to? The drop-down menus like File, Edit, View etc. are abbreviated by default - set to only show SOME of the options on them, with a chevron at the bottom to show FULL options:

Somehow, this is supposed to HELP you, by not overwhelming you with options and only showing the ones you use most often. Trouble is, it never seems to show quite the ones you need, so you are forever having to click the "more" chevrons to get the rest of the options. Unless you are a total beginner in Word, this is just a pain in the neck.

To turn this off, right-click the mouse somewhere on the drop-down menu bar (i.e. where it says File, Edit etc.) and then choose the Customize option at the bottom. Choose the tab, and there you will find an option Always show full menus. Tick this, and Bob's your uncle! You will always be presented with ALL drop-down menu options and you need never be patronised by Word again. Erm...

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