Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Highlight whole document from or to a certain point

OK - another tip about highlighting using the keyboard in Microsoft Word (and other Windows applications). This is really handy!

So you need to highlight (i.e. mark for some subsequent purpose, like copy/paste or something) some of a document, which is maybe 500 pages long. You only want to mark the first, say, 240 pages, or the last 110 pages. What do you do, position the mouse at page 240, and move it up the screen, scrolling through all 240 pages until you have marked the whole document? Do you know how long that can take?! I know you know, because we've all done it! It could take HOURS of scrolling! There is a MUCH simpler and quicker way.

Scenario 1
I want to mark the first 240 pages in my 500 page document. I move the mouse pointer to the point TO which I want to mark my document, somewhere on the 240th page, and left click to position the cursor. Then I press:

CTRL+SHIFT+...guess what? HOME

and voila! My whole document is marked, from the top right down to page 240. And it took about 14 milliseconds, not 14 minutes!

Scenario 2
I want to mark the last 110 pages of my 500-page document. Instead of starting at page 390, and scrolling laboriously down for minutes on end, I simply go to the page from WHERE I want to start and press (now I just know you've guess it already):


...and suddenly the last 110 pages are highlighted and ready for whatever it is you want to do with them!

Don't make it difficult for yourself! Keep reading Word Tips World for more of the same! Or just buy a copy of Office for Dummies (see above) if you can't be bothered!

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