Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Using Home and End to navigate

Another much-overlooked function, which again is available throughout Windows not just in Word, is the use of the Home and End keys to navigate around a document.

Once again, if this is blindingly obvious to you, then feel free to move on! But even as an experienced user of Word, I did not get into the habit of using Home and End till fairly recently!

It's simple:

Home takes you back to the beginning of the line you are on
End take you to... wait for it...! You've guessed, haven't you!

This can save you lots of time or needless keypresses. I use it when I have had to go back in the line of text I was working on to change something (skipping words with CTRL, of course) and now I want to return to the end of the line again and continue typing. One press of End and you're there!

Advanced stuff:
Once you have got into the habit of using these keys, try them in combination with CTRL.

CTRL+Home takes you to the beginning of the entire document
CTRL+End takes you... Well, I won't insult your intelligence

Why not give these shortcuts a try now, and see how quickly you get into the habit of using them?

P.S. Apologies to subscribers for the recent lack of Word Tips - my excuse is a big cycling trip around Serbia. Mobile bike blogging took it all out of me!

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