Thursday, April 19, 2007

Increase or decrease font size in Word using keyboard shortcuts

You want to increase or decrease the size of the font in Word from, say, 10 to 12. What do you do? Reach over for the mouse and select a new font size from the drop-down menu? You should know better by now!

Highlight the text whose font size you want to increase/decrease (perhaps using some of the text highlighting tips I talked about previously!) and press the key combination

CTRL + SHIFT + > to increase font size by 1 point
CTRL + SHIFT + < to decrease font size by 1 point
(the < and > symbols MAY be on different keys depending on your keyboard layout - they are the two keys to the right of the M key)

On some versions of Word you can also use CTRL+ [ and ], which is even simpler!

This is such a simpler way of changing the font size, especially by just a few points, you'll wonder why you ever used the mouse. And the other cool thing is that you can use this to increase the font size by the same increment across your whole document - even if you have different font sizes in there they will be increased by the same amount, retaining relative sizes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips.

kanika said...

its great..

Ronald Vaughan said...

What does one do if one wrote
a document,saved it,then found out
the font size is too big?

How does one re-copy the text and
change the size of the font,on the
copy? (Such as MicroSoft Word)

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Your tips about word processing are fantastically practical and easy to use.
WAR 3/1/2012

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's great! I had no idea.


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